Bumble | Sumowax

Bumble & bumble

$ 29.00

The brainchild of Bb.Global Artistic Director Laurent Philippon

  • What: A traditional hard wax for modern cuts - strong (yet flexible) hold, textural effect and definition of detail - it disciplines heavyweights, yet won't overwhelm finer types.
  • Who: Anyone; a natural for short hair; won't overwhelm fine hair. 
  • When: Anytime; after Prep or Tonic Lotion, use on dry hair to style. 
  • How: Spread a dime-size dab or two onto palms, rub briskly together to warm and soften, or heat by holding a blow-dryer to the mouth of the jar and skim the top layer. Evenly coat fingers and hands and lightly spread through hair.

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