Christophe Robin | Blowdry Hairbrush 10 Rows

Theory Hair Salon

$ 97.00

This hairbrush is ideal for a quick and flawless blow-dry.

It will make your hair tidy, smooth and shiny.

The rubber handle is designed to rest comfortably in your hand. The curved shape of the bristles, as if it had been worn out, makes the brush glide easily through the locks without causing breakage.

100% natural boar-bristle & wood
short to medium length hair / small curls

Following traditional French expertise, this hairbrush is made by hand with noble materials to take the utmost care of your scalp and hair. 

FOR: All hair types
WHEN: When blowdrying
BENEFITS: Minimizes hair damage ; Protects the hair fiber ; Enhances shine
TEXTURE: Wood and natural boar-bristles

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